a fun thing to do, especially at parties.
cocaine's fun, until you take too much... I don't like the black cars that drive you to your dirt nap...
by Michael of SoCal February 24, 2007
A song that was originally written by JJ Cale in 1976 and later was covered by Eric Clapton in 1977.
The song "Cocaine" was such a good song. It is too bad that the lyrics are true.
by kiitykit123 March 10, 2012
VERY expensive drug. It's a white powder.
People say it can ruin your life.
I've tryed it 3 times in the last like month.
All 3 times, people gave it to me for free.
It was good, but not really addicting for me. You just have to have a little self-control.
It gives you a lot of energy and you feel on top of the world.
I've snorted it twice, smoked it once.
Just know if you try it, don't do it all the time.
I guess if I started buying it and doing it a lot, I'd probably get addicted.
BUT like i said... self-control is all you need.
I'm gunna take a few lines of cocaine, but I know I'm not gunna be able to sit still. I feel like a tweaker.
by REDonHEAD August 13, 2008
the best nights of your life but the worst morning of your lives (it's worth it!!!!). keeps you awake to party harder than you ever have. usually snorted, also applied to gums to create numbness (highly recommended)

"you say addiction like it's bad thing!"
* K A T * - with love<3
example? it's almost 7AM and were still partying... you would love.. .cocaine!!! we HAVE the good life.
by Allan Markus November 24, 2007
A white powdery substance that you can snort up through your nasal cavaty and get really really high for about 15-30 minutes.But then you come down and life just sucks, and thats why I got addicted because I had to fuel the high and just spend thousands of dollars on it. I love it, its good stuff. It sorta smells like paint too.And to make crack cocaine just add some baking soda to it and bake it for thirty minutes in your mom's oven when she goes to the super market.
Let's go buy an eight-ball of cocaine and get snow blind!
by Toni Montana July 06, 2005
a good drug. and if it burns your nose, you must have gotten some really bad shit. it only burns if it is mixed with baking soda, u dumbshits. it numbs u if its real.it numbs ur throat and ur nose and it numbs the inside of ur mouth if u put some in there. it feels very good to be coked out. its not that addicting either. it tastes like asprin.but its fucking fun.
i love cocaine!!!!
by TheShit July 01, 2004
Tylenol cut with procaine (Novocaine)

Though during an ancient time period occurring in the 70's and 80's this product contained a molecule known in the organic chemistry community as: methyl (1R,2R,3S,5S)-3- (benzoyloxy)-8-methyl-8-azabicyclo3.2.1 octane-2-carboxylate

Smoking this compound or insufflation of the hydrochloride salt of the compound results in an insanely stimulating and addictive high.

Popular 80's music videos have been shown in highschools around the world as a stark reminder of the devistating side effects of this once pure and powerful drug.
Coke whore: let's do some blow!

Tool: Hang on lemme get my time machine so I can find us some good cocaine from the 70's.
by drRockso July 15, 2012
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