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The consumption of marijuana via human oral cavity by two persons gathered together.

Etymology: U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn seems obsessed with marijuana, to the point that he has several times attempted to get state medical marijuana laws declared illegal under federal law. In honor of his dedication to the issue, activists have named the "consumption of marijuana through the oral cavity" (the exact language of one of his amendments) by two people a "coburn."
"Let's go back to my dorm room and do a coburn."
by TruthPolice June 12, 2009
Coburn are a London-based duo made of Pete Martin and Tim Healey. Their single "We Interrupt This Program" was made popular through the many NEDM YTMND pages.
Guy: You see the latest NEDM?

Girl: Yeah, Coburn is awesome!
by wzrds3 November 20, 2006

Common to be used along with Burning cats as in NEDM fad on ytmnd.
"HOLY Crap, Coburn goes so good with NEDM"
by JZimb May 29, 2006
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