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a contraceptive used for protection when having sexual intercourse with a drore. COASTER = slang for condom
dude i'd put my beer on that drore as long as i had a coaster. haha yeah u dont want to leave a ring
by sammythejuice May 23, 2011
8 11
See CDR/W or DVDR/W. Burning useless files to a disc, such as Windows, whereas the disc becomes worthless.
1: Dood, I burned a backup of Windows on a CDR yesterday! I'll try to use it to install Windows tomorrow!

2: Dood, you made coasters.
by matt1984 May 26, 2006
24 36
A man who inexplicably gets through multiple illegitimate pregnancies without paying child support.
"Seven up and Johnny's a coaster."
by Sweet Daddy June 25, 2003
10 35
A stupid wannabee kiddo in the Quacke net!
Coaster is joining #dude
by 1ct-on! January 13, 2005
1 42