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5 definitions by SkllzMstrX

A basketball move in which one player passes the ball from one side of the court to the other widthwise. You must yell "Coast to coast!" before initiating the move.
Basketball Player 1 dribbles up the ball.
Basketball Player 2: Coast to coast!
Basketball Player 1 coast to coasts the ball to Basketball Player 2.
Basketball Player 2 dunks the ball for the win.
by SkllzMstrX December 23, 2011
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Someone who only licks and eats pussy. They feast on cunts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and especially dessert).
There was tons of food at the party, but Ryan was a cuntitarian so he ate Laura's vagina instead.
by SkllzMstrX February 09, 2012
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When you go into a store just to eat all of the free samples. It is similar to a shopping spree, except that you're looking for free samples instead of things to buy. This is mainly used as an easy way to get free food and annoy the hell out of the store at the same time.
John: Man, I'm SO BORED.

Jake: Dude, let's go on a sampling spree at Terribly Named Mart and see how long it takes for the employees to get mad at us.

John: Alright bro! Let's do it!
by SkllzMstrX February 06, 2012
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someone who is addicted to searching urban dictionary for insults to call people and other things.
Ray: Did you see that guy? He looks like a sacul with waffle nipples!
Ryan: Don't look now, Jonathan, but I think Ray has an urban addiction again.
by SkllzMstrX December 23, 2011
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A homosexual buddy.
John: Hey Josh wanna go skateboarding with me and Ben?

Josh: No way. Ben is a total homo.

John: Come on. Ben is my gayslice. He's cooler than you would think.
by SkllzMstrX December 10, 2011
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