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Term coined in NEPA that means to smoke pot while riding up that long, winding road in Suscon.
Be careful of the cops while on a mountain ride.
by Savatage August 28, 2006
Infamous town located in NEPA. Rumored to have hidden missile silos. Home of the Suscon Screamer (remember, pick your feet up when passing over the bridge). Also home of "The Gorge", an extremely steep hill where people go to for partying or target practice. The most brave Susconer might even attempt to conquer The Gorge with an ATV, or another offroading vehicle.

Also home of: The Cropout. A field thats heavily laden with vehicle tracks, and tall weeds.
Suscon is a town where everyone are cousins with their neighbors.
by Savatage August 28, 2006
A hilarious sitcom starring the legendary Craig T. Nelson, the hilarious Jerry Van Dyke, and the underrated Bill Fagerbakke.
While Coach was on, I pissed my pants laughing at Luther's hilarious antics.
by Savatage September 02, 2006
That weak, useless but cool looking and/or fun to play with weapon in any given FPS game. If you use it often enough during a fight, the other guy might just play along and use it too.
Novelty weapons - most last-resort melee tools, the Needler in Halo, ect.
by Savatage September 17, 2006

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