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short for cannot make it, a favourite phrase used in Singapore to describe someone's inferior attributes , usually appearance.
the girl you intro to me cmi leh!
by Marcus October 20, 2004
Cannot Make It. Used by Singaporeans usually in games.

E.g Warcraft III The Frozen Throne and Maple Story S.E.A
Boy 1: He CMI liao lah, so noob and he still want go zak.

Boy 2: Yah lo ... He himself know he CMI still want like that.
by Angora November 30, 2007
Several variations:

CMI = Cannot make it
CMI = Count Me In
CMI = Chronic Masturbatory Illness
1. Alex: Sorry man, I want to go to the movies, but I CMI

2. Random Guy: Yeah, that'd be kickass! CMI!

3. A need to excessively masturbate. AKA, Wanko-holic.
by Damage535 February 06, 2008
An internet abbreviation for Count Me In
Hey, that's a nice offer - cmi!
by Muffin_ June 07, 2006
Computers, Math, and the Internet. A Full Sail lecture class that teaches you everything you already knew about computers, math, and the internet
Man, I gotta CMI lecture and lab starting at 0100 hours and its over motherboards! Damn this sux! I better start drinking some BAWLS}!
by FS-Berrik February 12, 2005
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