a general term relating to a large group of men/women failing at a task that one man can do in a short amount of time

A term referring to a large amount of solders in a very small space fighting a equally large amount of solders

Playing a free for all on Nuketown with 18 players
"why are there 30 people trying to change the damn light bulb"

General: "How is the battle going?"
Officer: "80 of our men are cluster fucked in a 4 story building because 100 enemies are on the first floor"

Player 1:Why is there 18 people cluster fucked in Nuketown?
#cluster fucking #cluster fucked #fuck bin #flying cluster fuck #nuketown party
by Ivan the CheezBurger eater November 17, 2012
A term which can be used for a person/group of people to describe when a relatively simple task is completely and consecutively fucked up causing them to become frustrated with themselves.
"He's having a total cluster fuck trying to do that"
#clusterfuck #fuck #cluster #fuck up #dilemma #stress
by MellyMoo October 23, 2012
Government. Also can be used to described management or any chaotic situation involving many people. AKA "clusters".
The United States Government is a clusterfuck.
#united #states #government #clusterfuck #tools
by yourmomlovesmyjohnson09 December 14, 2010
1. When something is a complete disaster
2. A situation that is highly unwanted
3. A word used in aggrivation at least once a day to describe the horrible trials a person may be going through (I say may because some ppl are just over dramatic)
1. Travis had to re-write his thesis paper while trying to work a job, spend time with his crazy gf, and deal with his mom. He gets everything but the paper done. looks at what needs to be done. has to write 50 pages in an hour. This would be a clusterfuck.

2. Travis gets put in a clusterfuck when his face gets farted on by his girlfriend.

3. Stagger Lee has an absolutely amazing life. He is rich, good-looking, charming, and talented. He gets dirt on his shirt one day. This would NOT be a clusterfuck. It would just be an inconvience.
#disaster #chaos #perfect #carefree #cluster fuck #clutterfuck #clustrfuck #clusterfuk
by TLeesgirl April 26, 2010
Bumper to bumper traffic moving at a snail's pace. A bar or club where there's hardly room to move. A jam packed subway train.
"Can't even get to the bar to order, it's a total cluster fuck"
#crowd #chaos #jam packed #cramped #sardine can
by NYCman530 March 18, 2010
Used in the military when shit is going bad or something is majorly screwed up. Usually accompanied with a load of additional profanity, and if possible, physical confrontation.
"The right flank met with heavy armoured resistance, what a (add multiple expletives) cluster fuck. Where was that intell we were supposed to receive?"
#deep shit #dumb #stupid #asinine #unprepared #screwed
by Fudge911 December 10, 2009
a badass word in general. There's 36 other definitions on it,so i really don't need to explain what it means.
Use "clusterfuck" in a coherent sentence, and I guarantee you that it will impress everyone around you.
#cool word dude #damn #shit #and that is whack #dave chapelle
by Spaceman Spliff June 09, 2007
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