Bumper to bumper traffic moving at a snail's pace. A bar or club where there's hardly room to move. A jam packed subway train.
"Can't even get to the bar to order, it's a total cluster fuck"
by NYCman530 March 18, 2010
Used in the military when shit is going bad or something is majorly screwed up. Usually accompanied with a load of additional profanity, and if possible, physical confrontation.
"The right flank met with heavy armoured resistance, what a (add multiple expletives) cluster fuck. Where was that intell we were supposed to receive?"
by Fudge911 December 10, 2009
a badass word in general. There's 36 other definitions on it,so i really don't need to explain what it means.
Use "clusterfuck" in a coherent sentence, and I guarantee you that it will impress everyone around you.
by Spaceman Spliff June 09, 2007
A combination of things going extremely wrong in a short period of time within the same general activity -- caused by stupidity and/or ineptitude.

A polite term using the same initials would be compound fiasco.
This PR fiasco is a gigantic clusterfuck.
by Scandacious March 18, 2004
clusterfuck: cluster-fuck
this means that someone or something has not gone acording to plan and has fucked up
that bust was a complete clusterfuck
by euphoria2k15 April 04, 2015
A verb of the adjective clusterfuck meaning to turn a situation or room into a clusterfuck of disaster
I brought a bomb to school the cafeteria is about to get clusterfucked.
by Indybeast15 March 06, 2015
(n) the management strategy and architecture utilized by the Edmonton Oilers. It relies heavily on incompetence and ego and downplays traditional values like accountability and heart. To be a true clusterfuck you must be completely devoid of foresight and oblivious to the present situation. You must only focus on successes of at least 25+ years ago as merit for any and all decisions made in the present day.
"Wow, I'm glad our NHL team isn't a clusterfuck like the Oilers."
by Poor Badger December 03, 2014

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