one who needs the solidarity from a centain group - usually the group consists of other clusterfuck types all feeding from one another.
"oh shit! those delta kappa phi guys just overran the bar. what a bunch of clusterfucks"
by erikwh August 18, 2004
A complicated group of people who each, on a seperate basis, have engaged in sex or are with in two sexual degrees of separation from at least one member of the group.
Jamie fucked Tommy who fucked Sally who slept with Sara, who's been messing with Jamie. What a clusterfuck.
by Tom, Dick, and Harry September 19, 2003
Defined as the act of violent sexual congress, in which marauding soldiers in the latter days of the Roman Empire would pillage Convents and stab Nuns several times,then each soldier would 'fuck' the wound. This gives the impression of a group of men 'clustered' around a person, hence the name.
none needed!!
by donny March 27, 2004
A bunch of assclowns running around disorderly, stepping on each other's heads as they gather to the fuck-hall in which they engage in a humongous group-sex orgy.
1. The UN is a big clusterfuck
2. Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry is just a clusterfuck.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 28, 2003
1. To cluster-fuck someone is to, with the help of 2 or more accomplaces, gang-rape some unsuspecting victim.

2. Cluster-fucking can also take place on a concentual basis in which 3 or more people work together to violenty satify the clustee.
1. Holy badger-fucking shit, I was walking home last night and I was cluster-fucked by a bunch of horny mexicans.

2. Oh man, I was walking home through the park and I saw a bunch of horny mexicans cluster-fucking these 2 nuns, It was totally bangin'

3. Where have I been? Me and my horny mexican friends have been out cluster-fucking autistic orphans!
by Jimmmeh February 15, 2006
All of the bad things that can happen do, thus saying fuck for each thing until this becomes cluster fuck.
John: First I to school late, then got a detentionn for it, then got to detention late, and worst of all my dad didn't believe I got a detention.
Jane: Damn, you got Cluster Fucked
by The Dude February 27, 2005
A verb of the adjective clusterfuck meaning to turn a situation or room into a clusterfuck of disaster
I brought a bomb to school the cafeteria is about to get clusterfucked.
by Indybeast15 March 06, 2015

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