A large group of chaotic and unorganized people (Usually the Paparazzi at a Red Carpet Premiere) that are all pushing and shoving to get the same thing. (In the Paparazzi scenario, the perfect Shot)
I was walking down the Boulevard the otherday and saw a large Clusterfuck trying to get a picture of Andy Dick.
by G-Union 2 September 13, 2004
Any activity involving 3 or more people or 2 or more cars.
I tried to meet those guys at the movies but it all turned into a big cluster fuck
by scott January 17, 2004
A large assembling of useless identities that do not have any purpose other than to be annoying
Tom Brady thrwe into a cluster fuck of defenders but was lucky to walk away with an incompletion
by Coach Z June 04, 2003
A act of a group sex
Lest have a cluster Fuck
by The man December 14, 1999
Related to the chaos and havoc created by cluster bombs, but in this case, chaos and havoc caused by administrative stupidity and stubborness.
The emergency response drill as a cluster fuck.
by Ralph September 14, 2003
The word clusterfuck derives when many things fuck up at once. Instead of shouting "fuck" over and over, using the term clusterfuck is more convienent!
What a clusterfuck that was at the mall today. Oh Clusterfuck!
by Eric Vanatti September 05, 2006
many people fucking up or simply fucking at the same time
What a clusterfuck
by MUVVA February 13, 2004
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