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A person who has an almost infallible ability to fuck up anything they set their hands or minds to. See clusterfuck
Looking at the American Economy and the state of Iraq, one can only come to the conclusion that Dublya is a walking clusterfuck
by yv July 08, 2004
adj. From the slang shite. To be so shitey as to be remarkable or awe inspiring.
Well today was shitelicious - I was hit by a bus on the way into work.
by yv July 08, 2004
To demonstrate one's (lack of) knowledge or skills by making wild, undirected adjustments, to be noisily ignorant

From Frobnicate - wild uncontrolled adjustment and gnosis - knowledge
Stop frobgnosticating you idiot and let someone who knows how to fly a plane take over!
by Yv March 09, 2005
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