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the act of doing everyday things shirtless when its completely unnecessary.
Guy#1: Dam, does Todd own a shirt?
Guy#2: I know... I've never seen anyone Matthew McConaughey It while singing christmas carols.
by NewEnglandClamChowder December 16, 2009
A fictional town one visits when all hell is breaking loose.
Billy: The holidays are coming up and you know what that means.
Tom: Yep, all that great food....
Billy: Maybe for you, but Ive got a one way ticket to Clusterfuck, USA
by NewEnglandClamChowder December 11, 2009
When someone is telling a story and you really dont give a fuck, but to be nice you go into Auto Yeah Mode by countering there sentences with the word yeah. Also you can mix it up with a "I bet" or a "Really" to assure them you still give two shits.
Grandma: See back then went didnt have air conditioners...
You: Yeah...
Grandma: You could just leave your doors unlocked too.
You: Yeah....I Bet
Grandma: You could understand what they were singing.
You: Yeah....
Brother: Hey dipshit. what did she just say? are you in Auto Yeah Mode?
by NewEnglandClamChowder December 16, 2009
When you know you got a hell-a-cious loud fart, and your wife is in the bed reading or watching Grey's Anantomy, you run twoards the bed and go into a barrel roll, when you fixing to complete the roll you spread you legs like an eagle and your ass lands directly on her face, then you unload while singing Thurder Rolls by Garth Brooks. You can replace the Thunder Rolls with Lighting Crashes by Live if you'd like.
Guy 1: Dude, I totally pwned Sally last night with a Thunder Roll
Guy 2: What grade are you in now?
by NewEnglandClamChowder December 12, 2009
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