All of the bad things that can happen do, thus saying fuck for each thing until this becomes cluster fuck.
John: First I to school late, then got a detentionn for it, then got to detention late, and worst of all my dad didn't believe I got a detention.
Jane: Damn, you got Cluster Fucked
by The Dude February 27, 2005
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An unorganized mess, something that will be difficult to organize again.
Sara's room is a clusterfuck
by the drew-miester October 30, 2004
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An impossible situation that causes much frustration but often is unforseen. These give a person a headache when simply thinking about resolving one.
When you invite three girls to a party and try to hook up with all of them, then you have a real cluster fuck on your hands.
by Andy Rozo November 29, 2005
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Bush Administration and FEMA's responses to American hurricane disasters in states of Louisiana
and Texas in 2005.
Recovery efforts in Louisiana after hurricanes Katrina were
the living example of a cluster fuck.
Evacuation efforts in Texas before hurricane Rita are
another fine example of cluster fuck.

Sadly, the world enjoys watching America cluster fuck itself.

by Brian Kovarik September 23, 2005
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in computing, this means to have too many computers running on a network, causing the network to mess up, or "clusterfuck"
this is not just for computers. it can apply to computer-like systems that connect to internet, such as Xbox 360, PS3, etc.
Man 1: aww i just got clusterfucked
Man 2: of course you did. you're running 2 laptops, a desktop, and playing black ops on a PS3 with a dial-up internet connection!
by gamewin1 November 12, 2010
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A military term applied to a disorganized gathering of service personel, often times at the entry of a military building or common route which obstructs or hinders passage of other personel.
"We can't get into the barracks. There's a cluster fuck in the way."

"Get in rank you maggots. This is a total cluster fuck."
by kamikaze762x39 June 19, 2007
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An annoyingly large group of people or things.
Hannah, lets get out of this clustefuck!

Alex is stuck in a huge clusterfuck of people.
by Alexander Clusterfuck July 29, 2009
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