Traditionally/originally of military origin.

Today, however, "clusterfuck" is commonly used to descriptively generalize any situation with a large scale of disarray.

possibly synonyms: mess, disaster
1. "Well, that concert was a clusterfuck."
2. "Did you see the clusterfuck of a traffic jam on Main St.?"
3. "That house party turned into a giant clusterfuck once those cops showed up!"
#vulgar #fuck #fuk #fuc #fukc #cluster #disarray #disorganization #military
by Pat N. February 25, 2006
1. When a large group of people are standing around, with no idea of what they're doing, that always seem to get in your way.

2. When it sems like every driver on the road or in the same parking lot as you has completely lost their minds & are totally stupid.

3. Total & complete chaos.
"What is this guy doing?!? Did he really just stop in the middle of the road to take a PHONE CALL!!!!"
"What a cluster-fuck."

"Of course this whole family of people would stop right in the middle of the sidewalk for no apparent reason, so that the only way i can get by is to walk in front of traffic!!!"
#wtf?!? #really! #fuck #stupid #move!!!
by koi_fish23 May 05, 2010
Collective noun for a bunch of turkeys
"Dude, check out that clusterfuck of turkeys over there"....."Totally"
#turkey #turkeys #chickens #turky #cluster
by Bradz88 July 11, 2011
a shitstorm of bad stuff happening all at once.
Adriana: Wow I'm getting sued, got into a car accident, got verbally abused from one of my best friends over a dumb rumor, jury duty, my TA lost all of my essays, and school started...

Jamal: What. A. Clusterfuck.
#clusterfuck #shitstorm #jewish #girl #donkey
by Johnsmith1010101 March 28, 2011
a huuuuuuuuuuuuge mess of a situation
your such a cluster-fuck! (say full of rage)
#mess #disheveled #in disarray #very well put together #clean-cut
by Da Monkey 716 August 19, 2009
Term that is military in origin, and used to refer to officers in associated positions of power and resulting decisions that resulted in: poor decision making, emotional reactivity, increased number of casualties, and an overall sense of distrust in poorly-qualified leadership.

Currently used in popular culture to describe any situation in which: extrememly poor decisions are made for the purpose of very tired and predictable personal gain, without consideration for how decisons impact others, and an overall sense of intimidation due to lack of competence and personal responsibility by the aggresor.
Rob: "May I have permission to take a piss? Oh, and by the way, everyone is questioning your authority."

Lizzie: "No, you need to hold it for another 43 minutes and I don't care who does what. I've already thrown everyone under the bus, let's sit back and watch it unfold. I created this cluster fuck."
#liz #rob #psycho #bitch #cunt
by DoAsISay111 September 14, 2010
1) a bad situation that involves many different smaller situations to create one massive insanely intense ordeal.

2)when to many things happen at once, making it extremely hard to comprehend.
1) Holy shit! i can't believe my girlfriend was fucking your boyfriend, and they both got into a car accident, and your brother just got arrested, and Jimmy is trying to commit suicide! This whole day was just one big clusterfuck!

2) Wait...i dont understand this movie, who the hell is that guy and why is he now pointing a gun at that other dude..? And when the fuck did they go to the jungle?
#clusterfuck #situation #simple #bad #extreme #cluster #fuck
by CzarOfSlang April 21, 2010
a extremely confusing situation (from a comparison to a chaotic session of group sex)
Man, I don't think I've ever seen such a cluster fuck in hospital setting in my years of visting mom in the ER after she had a seizure.
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by The Return of Light Joker July 08, 2011
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