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1. To perform oral sex on a girl while she's passing a bowel movement. 2. Eat out a girl while she's taking a shit. 3. see blumpkin
Yea, my girlfriend got a promotion at work so I gave her a congratulatory clumpkin.
by Justus Balentine January 02, 2007
The act of giving a female cunnilingus whilst she defecates.

"I was givin mah hoe a clumpkin, I didn't even wanna come up for air!"

"My baby loves a clumpkin out back, behind the barn."

"I had to spit out my gum when she said it was 'clumpkin time!'"

"Even though she farted when I was giving her a clumpkin, I ate that shit like pork-fried rice."
by Katie MacphArson October 04, 2008
Receiving a blowjob while playing call of duty.
Dude, Judy gave Matt an amazing clumpkin last night!
by iloveclumpkins69 October 29, 2009
Receiving a blow job whilst undergoing a colonic.
Aron lay in a state of physical confusion while the nurse performed a clumpkin
by Slenis October 23, 2008
Getting a blumpkin from someone with cleft palate.
Boy, that Cliff Palate from the Howard Stern show sure gives a mean clumpkin.
by Quazmodiar August 04, 2009

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