the act of cumming on ones hand then slapping someone with the cum hand.
"what are you doin g?!??!"..."jacking off get out!"...."whats in your hand???""....*Clump!!!!*.. (the action of clumping)
by FunnyWhileClumping February 03, 2012
Top Definition
to have sex with a woman while wearing a clown costume. dervies from the combination of the words clown and humping.
"Dude did you have sex with my sister?"
"I clumped her ass, son"
by NiMo March 01, 2005
1. To have sex with a woman while wearing a clown costume.
2. A group of men, dressed up as clowns, arriving in a small car and running a train on one woman.
1. After a night of drinking, he would often end up clumping Ms. Sherman while eating a fried fish.
2. Yo, let's go clump that bitch.
by American, African November 17, 2007
The act of "humping" in a "clump" of trees. Can be used in a broader sense to embody all acts of alfresco activities.
Me n the Misses went Clumping today
by Hesteroy1902 April 22, 2011
Holding simultaneous clandestine sexual relationships with multiple undesirable and unattractive women.
He's been clumping a number of fatties lately
by The Reg September 07, 2007
the act of your balls clapping against someones ass durring buttsex
I was ridding that bitch bareback and couldent stop clumping
by gavin smith March 27, 2008
The act of dehydrating ones self before masturbation/intercourse, in order for your sperm to look like cottage cheese
Dude 1: Tom's mom told me the other day she was lactose intolerant but she loves cottage cheese.

Dude 2: So?

Dude 1: So I decided to give her a good clumping.

Dude 2: Gross!
by CommoDick September 12, 2011
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