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to have sex with a woman while wearing a clown costume. dervies from the combination of the words clown and humping.
"Dude did you have sex with my sister?"
"I clumped her ass, son"
by NiMo March 01, 2005
the act of stabbing someone, preferably in the gut area between the oblique and abdominal muscles, then inserting your penis until it is balls deep in such wound. continue to hump the wound until you cum in the wound.
when ryan cabrera walked into the basement, wilcoxXx screamed "DEEP DICKING IN THE STAB WOUND." startled ryan looked around ackwardly until phil stabed him multiple times in the stomach and everyone jumped on and fucked him in the various bleeding holes in his abdomen.
by NiMo March 01, 2005
an abbreviated version of homo, popular abbreviation for homosexual. alt. one who doesnt deserve the right to marriage unless you live in the pussy state of massachusetts.
When you go around town wearing them collared golf-type shirts collar up, with the flip flop sandals, and the cargo shorts, people are gonna give you a label. That label is something I like to call an H-mo.
by NiMo March 01, 2005
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