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A disproportionate or oddly shaped penis that upon being viewed results in uproarious laughter from another or others. Also refers an actual person with a clown dick.
Reginald: Hey baby take a look at my cock... <zip>
Jessica: hahahaha, you've got a clown dick! I can't wait to tell all of my friends.


Terrance, what's up you clown dick motherfucka.
by standardApartmentComplex March 07, 2009
1. Used to describe a person, thing, or idea that is obviously ridiculous; similar in usage to "clownshoes", but more vulgar and implies a higher level of absurdity. Most effective when used while the insulter or the insultee are drunk.
"Donald Trump's hair is clowndick."
by JBlue515 February 07, 2013
1 part Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka, 3 parts Mango Lemonade, 2 parts Strawberry Lemonade
Person 1: "This drink tastes like a memory I suppressed from when I was nine!"

Person 2: "It's called Clown Dick!"

Person 1: "When I sober up, I'm going to see a shrink."
by A Wiener May 10, 2013
Pubic hairs that resemble a full head of hair on a clown usually used to tease a red haired kid.
Louie is such a clowndick.

Brandon don't talk you clowndick!
by dolan14 September 07, 2008
Getting some from a chick who wears too much makeup.
"tell your mom to stop changing her lipstick, my dick is starting to look like a clown"
by Blacbeard July 11, 2005

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