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6 definitions by standardApartmentComplex

A nickname for Florida. The name actually refers to a province in the Netherlands, but because of an error in the Myspace system, Flevoland appeared as the state for anyone from Florida. The glitch lasted for an unusually long time, which caused many people to believe it to be an intentional nicknaming of the state. The trend caught on and eventually resulted in an actual nickname.
We're heading down to Flevoland this weekend to catch the fest.
by standardApartmentComplex March 09, 2009
An explicative that implies that it's denotee is both a mother and a father; which is at this point a medical impossibility. It is also used idomatically because of it's close relation to the word mothafucka. The word has gained much popularity in conjuntion with the latter: chinese dentist.
Kimberly: Would you help me with the clasp of this necklace? Oww! you just pinched me you mother father.


Stuart:This boat detailing job is getting to be a real drag.

Monty: Sure as shit is. Let's ditch these rich ass mother father chinese dentists and go rollerblading or something.
by standardApartmentComplex March 08, 2009
A disproportionate or oddly shaped penis that upon being viewed results in uproarious laughter from another or others. Also refers an actual person with a clown dick.
Reginald: Hey baby take a look at my cock... <zip>
Jessica: hahahaha, you've got a clown dick! I can't wait to tell all of my friends.


Terrance, what's up you clown dick motherfucka.
by standardApartmentComplex March 07, 2009
Similiar to the magnificant soothing almost songlike nasanance and beat harmony to the word "pyiuncuhl" puhonetit is unorthodox in it's spelling but true to sound of word itself. puhonetit refers to the past tense form of relinquishing one or many conjoined large volumes of air from one's rectum hole. It has been hypothesized that the world should be spelled: poot, or even poont, but both suggestions fail short of the complexities of the spoken word itself and are insufficient.
Ayo, ayo check lil mont.<laughing>baaahhaaahah. Aye-o, haaa, yo, check this nigga... yo nigga... you puhonetit?
by standardApartmentComplex March 08, 2009
The small likeable pet/mascot of the Thundercats. Although he rarely if ever participated in saving the day or triumphing over villians, he was well known for his kindhearted bumbling and comic relief, almost universally during the resolution of each episode. An inept speaker, he was only capable of uttering his own name over and over again, dragging the sylabols as long as possible.
Liono: Has anyone seen Snarp?

<rustling of pots and pans in the kitchen>

Snarp:<emerging with food on his face> Snnnnaaaarrrp.

Tigra: Looks like someone found the refreshments.

Group: hahahahaha
by standardApartmentComplex March 11, 2009
Any haircut of the variety where the front, sides, and back are of equalenth and nested comfortably at, or slightly above, eyebrow level. The hair nearest the neck and face is cut slighly shorter, and none of the hair is brushed or washed freequently, and never massaged with conditioner/creme rinse. Not to be confused with the "bowl haircut" which is moderatly stylish but lacks the volume and insconsistency of various strands of hair. A poorly cut Romulan can quickly turn into the ashamed "Mongol" with consists of a much too high and tight region of the last quarter section of the head.
Gerrard: Fresh out the barber shop, I gotta stop and take a smoke, while I look in the mirror. I'm feelin good, I'm feelin learned and maybe I'm an artist, or a statesman, I'm all that in one, now that I got my fresh ass Romulan.

Georgery: Yesssirreebob, cream rinse is for klempt up Romuposers that need to think twice about reachin for the salad bowl.
by standardApartmentComplex March 08, 2009