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When a girl is on her period, her strawberry lemonade is the mixture of piss and period blood
I just got five dollars for drinking my sister's strawberry lemonade.
by Nolan Scracthmapole March 29, 2010
When a girl is on her period, she stands over her partner and has her period blood drip from her vagina while urinating on her partner.
Hey Jo can I get some of your strawberry lemonade for Julian?
by xzero1500 August 12, 2014
When a guy is going down on a girl and she pees all over his face. Then, when he pulls away with a disgusted look on his face, she punches him in the nose. The mixture of piss and blood is the strawberry lemonade.
Janet: "Gretchen what did you do last night?"
Gretchen: "I gave Bobby a strawberry lemonade."

Ricky: "Bobby what did you do last night?"
Bobby: "Um, Gretchen pissed on my face while I was eating her cooter and then when I looked up, she punched me in the nose."
Ricky: "Oh, a strawberry lemonade! It happens."
by Janet O'Malley June 07, 2007