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A girl who has fit a few too many people in her
She's a clown car, about 8 guys were in her saturday night.
by PeoplesH2k February 22, 2005
1. A situation that is irretrievably ridiculous and fucked up.
2. A state of affairs that resembles the concept of dozens of adults dressed in bright colors with synthetic wigs and enormous shoes emerging one by one from an impossibly tiny car
3. A circumstance, incident or person that seems simple from the outside but is in fact vast, labyrinthine, complex and more likely than not, a fiasco.
4. A situation, person or event that is worthy of mockery, scorn or derision.

Clowncar is best used when preceded by a superlative.
Alt spelling: Klownauto.

That outfit he is wearing is so clowncar.

George Bush’s policies regarding Iraq are completely clowncar.

The fact that the case about ‘Bong hits 4 Jesus’ made it to the Supreme Court is absolutely clowncar.

Don’t take the 1 train to Time’s Square. I heard someone jumped in front of the train and it’s a total clowncar down there.
by amanda boekelheide July 27, 2007
A bunch of people in one small car or room or house.
Mike pulled up in a clown car and was the 9th person out of the car.
by Erika March 03, 2004
A woman or woman's vagina that has produced multiple children.
Sheila has had eight kids! Her vagina is a clown car!
by Brent Palmer September 21, 2007
"Clown car" (or "clowncar") is the nickname for the Soviet BA-64 vehicle in the realistic war game Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. Coined by an unknown community member, the term spread like wildfire. The reason why many people call it the clown car is because the vehicle is often used in favour of unrealistic and "gamey" tactics. Such tactics include the popular drive-by-satchelling (wich envolves racing towards a tank, instantly jumping out at the very last second, dropping an explosive satchel charge on the back of the enemy tank, then quickly driving off before blowing up the tank).

Such "tactics" are frowned upon by many RO players (especially those who enjoy realistic tactics), but it is also considered fun to do every once in a while by quite a lot of people.
"K guys let's try to pile as many soldiers as possible on this clown car and open up a can of pwnage on them lolol!"

"We should name the BA-64 the Clown Car in honor of all the brave clown satchel-throwers serving for their Motherland!" -- Feldwebel Crin

"the Tigerpolizei are rounding up BA64 drivers so look out! :-O" -- middenrat
by ClownCarDriver July 14, 2006
A single person who walks into a fast food place but has orders for a bunch of his/her friends.
Bill: Hey Bob, I think Jimmy could use some help out front.
Bob: But it's only one customer.
Bill: Yeah but he was a clown car, the guy ordered 4 subs.
by T.F.K. November 27, 2010
A game in which willing participants (male/female) take an item of their choosing and proceed to attempt to better the others by inserting more of said object into their anus or vagina. It can also be played alone, though a witness is required for proper record-keeping.
Bernie used to play a lot of solo Clown Car at parties. I think that's why he stopped getting invited.
by Messes Callahan July 02, 2010
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