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3 definitions by mattdavey

An implement used to smoke Marijuana that is filled half with cannabis and half with a shredded legal document.
"Nay, apothecary, I think I shall go home and smoke a bowl of rights!" - Thomas Jefferson
by mattdavey June 15, 2007
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An insult aimed toward someone wearing eyeglasses. It is often the last resort of someone who is unable to come up with a clever comeback.
"Yeah? Well, you're a . . . goggleface!" - Pete the Viking
by mattdavey March 24, 2007
3 1
A term introduced into conversation to highlight or exacerbate the ridiculousness of suggestions or claims made. The term is generally used to troll someone legitimately engaged in the conversation. "Clown car" is a trump card for when a discussion or argument has become facetious, which generally resets or ends the argument.
I think we should go to Medieval Times for lunch . . . in a clown car.
by mattdavey November 17, 2010
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