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A combination of asshat and assclown that saves you from having to use the word "ass".
What a clownhat you are!
by dingoateyourbaby May 08, 2007
The triangle of pubic hair on a woman. Flip that clown upside-down and put a ball on top, and you have a clown hat.
The girls were in the bathroom talking about how much of a bitch it is to take care of their clown hats.
by elspicyjack June 18, 2009
When a person's nipples resemble the fuzzy ball on the top of a clown's hat.
"Did you see her puffy clown hats?"
by Timmy & Tammy June 03, 2007
A used colostomy bag that is turned inside out and worn on ones head.
Lisa was feeling classy, so she wore her clown hat to the wedding
by C H December 31, 2003
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