When there is a large congregation of black people nearby
Person 1: Hey its getting pretty cloudy back here

Person 2: Yeah, happens all the time
by forall September 04, 2008
Top Definition
a term used to describe someone who is slightly high and acts a little goofy.
" why would u say a statement like that?"
"sorry man i'm just a little cloudy."
by littlerussia31 August 02, 2008
Being Salty For No reason
Being Cloudy is Telling you friend to Fuck Themselves or sneek-dissing them

"Bitch STFU"
by @wwebritish March 15, 2015
A drink, normally a Long Island Ice Tea, served in many small casinos in Las Vegas. The name is derived from the cloudy look of the sugar-water injection normally added to these drinks.
I'd like to order a cloudy please!
by cvithlani January 02, 2011
a.) An atmopheric condition marked by excess cumulus buildup in the stratosphere.
b.) What that other guy said, except I don't have blonde hair.
An escalater can never break, it can only become stairs. Cloudy.
by Cloudy March 30, 2004
Computer files that are backed up online, or in the cloud. If a file is cloudy, then there is no need to worry about losing the copy on the computer.
My computer crashed while I was working on my term paper for my history class. At first, I was worried. Then I remembered that I had uploaded a copy to Dropbox, so the paper was cloudy.
by The New Musicologist July 19, 2011
When someone makes a comment that has gone way too far, the word "cloudy" must be used to let them know this. If the person accused disagrees, the accuser must ask for "judges rule" and any other person present may either say "Cloudy" or "The sky is as clear as John Goodman's movie schedule."
Person A: I want to fuck your Mom
Person B: Cloudy, man
by DRICH4444 March 27, 2010
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