A name brand for a "bath salt" used for recrecreational drug use that mimics the effects of cocaine, ecstasy and methamphetamine. Usually snorted but sometimes smoked, vaporized,administered intravenously or even eaten. It is currently legal in some states. It can be purchased in 250 mg. packs at local smoke shops, gas stations and corner stores for $10 - $20 per pack. Does not show up in standard drug screens.
He man lets go to the store to get some Cloud 9 ..I need a hit. I ran out of blow... dat shit is da bomb !
by meanbone March 25, 2011
The name given to projects never to be finished.
Lets make a game and call it Cloud9.
by god July 29, 2003
My address
I live on Cloud 9 meaning I stay high everyday; I don't give a FUCK! Roflcopter
by Sebby Lite January 18, 2009
getting higher then an astronaut,twisted, basically getting faded out of this world, it is also a liquir.
"I was so fucked up I was cloud 9"
by Burzerk June 02, 2006
An a capella group comprised of the hottest girls in P-town!
They are so musical, just hearing their voices is like being on CLOUD NINE!
"OMG! I saw Cloud 9 perform last night! They are da bomb!!!"
by anthroponym April 20, 2009
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