the red dots that your female lover picks off your cock after she has fucked you whilst on her period
She was on the rag last night but I pushed it aside and mounted her anyway. When we were done, she turned the light on and picked the clots off Willy.
by Jake February 20, 2004
Top Definition
jamaican pronounciation of "clothe" meaning a tampon as used in swear words like "blood clot" or "bomba clot"
by mokkes May 24, 2003
The glob of gelatinous blood that the body creates to stop bleeding.
Vadim was cut by a throwing knife. As the blood spilled forth from his throbbing artery, the clotting factors were exposed to various proteins. These proteins caused the clotting cascade to begin and eventually a sticky fibrin mesh was laid down. Platelets then began adhering to this mesh and eventually the bleeding stopped.
by The Troll May 05, 2006
The way that you are and the things that you do - those are the ways of a clot
Oh Douglas... You clot!
by AhoyBritannia December 22, 2012
An idiot. Mostly used as a generic insult.
You know the way that you are and the things that you do? Those are the ways of a clot.
by First Officer Richardson December 22, 2012
A derogatory slang term targeted toward a woman. Synonymous with bitch or cunt. Inferred reference to that special time of the month when women are particularly annoying due to PMS and menstrual bleeding.

Also see clotbag
Jim: What the fuck is up Lisa's ass?
Dave: I have no idea. She's such a fucking clot!
by Bill Ricker May 03, 2008
(noun): red spots (and streaks) left on your penis after you have penetration (vaginal) sex with a female who is having her period.
After several dates and several excuses Ruth finally gave in and let me mount her when she had her period. She figured it was safe, that she couldn't get pregnant then.
by J.R. J. February 26, 2004
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