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a funeral where the casket is closed, most likely because the body is so brutaly fucked up that it would be to unbearable to see the body in such fucked up condition
juan: damn that ese julio's death was some fucked up shit holmes
jose: i know este guey got slashed up in his face and shit.. his whole face and shit is looking fucked up and shit
juan: yep.. his funeral will be closed casket
jose: yep R.I.P. ese julio
maria: damn im fuckin horny will u guys bust a nut in my big ass tities?
juan: damn your fucked up chica! your husband just died! arent u sad?
jose: i'll do it fuck that shit!
by esteguey October 16, 2007
When a male ejaculates on a females eyelid and is therefore unable to OPEN them.
'Yo son, you heard what Jack did to Betty last night?'

'Na, what?'

'Homie gave her a "Closed Casket" and put that shit on World Star!'

by BunDem Blaze October 01, 2014
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