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When bronies fap to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
TheFourteenthNumber spent thier money everyday clopping to My Little Pony
by K00ki3 April 08, 2011
The term for masturbation used by bronies.
<Brony> "I was Clopping all last night in my living room and played really loud music and ate all the food in the house since my parents were not home"

<Average guy> "Whats clopping"

<Brony> "Masturbation"
by Hurrderr123 July 16, 2011
Masturbating to my little pony porn
'' come on lewis you fat nerd stop clopping and go to bed ''
by Alfbogey January 14, 2015
When you spend the whole day buying items off of craigslist ads. (Craigs list shopping)
We spent the whole day clopping and bought an entire house of furniture for $600.
by icontender November 15, 2010
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