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Name of the pairing Clark and Lois from TV's Smallville.
They need more Clois episodes this season.
by melcy March 28, 2006
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Beautiful, funny, super caring, protective, Always seen smiling, Will make your day with her beautiful smile, she loves dogs , Never hurt her , her heart won't take anymore pain, has the cutest, sweetest, craziest laugh , You will always love her more than any girl, You will never forget the fun memories you had with her, She always forgives, She gets jelly easily, but you don't care , you know she only cares about you, You will end up hurting her and breaking her heart so many times, but she will always forgive, she is terrified by spiders, She is always pushing you to do your best and to be determined , She will motivate you to do your best in everything . She is the girl of your dreams, You will want her forever and ever, never loose sight in what you have with her, because you can lose it to stupid choices you make......
Clois will always be the special girl , you will want with you in your life, by your side forever
by Cloey_Clois March 31, 2015
Cunt Licker of Isabel
Man, Sam totally pwns Isabel. He's a grade-A CLOI.
by Michael-Angelo September 29, 2004

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