The gunk (ex. toilet paper, horrible stenches, and any other creamy substances) found around the female genitalia, and very often stuck under the hood of the clitoris.

Most likely, clitty litter will be found on the following girl:
STD Infected
Hasn't showered in weeks
Tommy: When Hannah and I got hot and heavy, I went down on her and she had some mad clitty litter, she smelled like rotten tuna!

Raquel: Thats what you get for banging them hoes!
by mfior14 September 10, 2011
Top Definition
the dander-like material found in a female's panties. This is often brought on by excitement, arousal, or exposure to big, fat cock.
while doing his mistress' panty laundry, the marcus discovered an unusually high cioncentration of clitty litter.
by biggdogg September 05, 2003
the lint, or toilet paper remainings found around the clitoral region
before i went down on her i had to remove the clitty litter
by bige5569 August 22, 2003
vaginal paste found in the liner of womens' undergarments (and sometimes pants if produced in mass amounts) aquired at points of climatic pleasure or just from nasty hoes that do not correctly clean their monkeys or garments.
Is that clitty litter or are you just happy to see me?
by quimmy boy November 04, 2002
Clitty litter is what ends up in the crotch of a woman's panties. It consists of dried semen, vaginal secretions, and any other material the woman may be shedding from her uterine and vaginal lining. It can also consist of bits of toilet paper, and if the woman is very unclean, bits of fecal matter, also known as shit. A dingleberry may detach from the hair around the woman's anus, and this too may end up becoming clitty litter.
Clitty litter can be white, red, green, or even brown. This depends on the recent activity of the woman, and her attention to personal hygiene. Check the woman's panties for skid marks!
I was going to go down on that bitch, but that good-looking pussy smelled of ass. Being sneaky, I checked her panties, and found the vented cotton panel to be soaked with dried clitty litter. I then directed me to give me a blow job.

Example two: My girlfriend just got out of the shower, so there was little chance of encountering any nasty clitty litter.
by Rook's Buddy May 08, 2010
Vaginal debris. Found in and around a women's underwear.
"Get the scoop, my girlfriend left some clitty litter in my hamper."
by Jtron 3000 September 21, 2005
Katie: OMG becky,I had to wipe off the clitty litter before my date last night to avoid an unsavory experience.

Becky: OMG, I totally had a clitty litter episode last night!

Katie: Like wow! We are so like, clitty litter buddies!!
by MRLEW262 October 18, 2010
Clitty Litter are pieces of coagulated chunks of vaginal mucus that are left on the linen after sex.
"Uh Jenny, What the fuck is that laying there on the sheet?"

"That's just my Clitty Litter Bobby. Don't trip."
by Clit Commodore February 27, 2009
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