Residual toliet paper around Clitoris.
When I was performing cunnilingus, I found pink toliet paper aka Clitty-litter.
#dirtyclit #vulva #vag #labia minora #vaginal vault
by Dr. Clit September 16, 2009
the crust that forms in the crotch of a woman's underware
Geeze your mom's underware sure has plenty of clittylitter in it.
by mooncricket June 16, 2003
the tiny pieces or balls of toilet tissue that get left behind in or around the "folds" of a female's vagina if she doesn't wipe herself properly or if she uses cheap tissue that may fall apart during use.
I always use either baby wipes or feminine wipes to cleanse myself after urinating to avoid getting any clittylitter that tissue may leave behind.

There's nothing more disgusting for a guy than to go down on girl and have to deal with a case of clittylitter.
#clit fuzz #clit tissue #pussy fuzz #pussy tissue #clitty-litter #klittylitter #kiltty-litter
by buttercupsherri September 26, 2009
The crusted dry residue left on vagina or underwear after a passionate night of fornication with a dirty whore.
1. Looks like cat litter in her drawers
2. After that whore woke up in the morning there was clitty litter all over her underwear, and my sheets.
3. I was going to go down on her but I saw 7-8 pounds of clitty litter stuck to her muff.
#vagina #smagma #clit #yeast #icky #whore #litter #pussy #cunt #va-jay-jay #baldwin
by DFIP Iceman September 18, 2011
The female equivalent of the male fumunda cheese; dried female discharge
That girl took off her panties and seasoned the floor with clitty litter, GROSS
#pussy flakes #crab dandruff #lip flakes #panty litter #underwear litter
by Badamb90 May 23, 2014
the nasty, smelly funk in a dirty tooty hole, usually cheesy in nature
Hunni, your tooty hole is SO dirty, you need to take some Ajax to that clitty litter!
#cheese box #cheesey #cooch rot #crotch rot #shit from the clit #beaver butter
by Gi-gi girl February 23, 2009
The gunk (ex. toilet paper, horrible stenches, and any other creamy substances) found around the female genitalia, and very often stuck under the hood of the clitoris.

Most likely, clitty litter will be found on the following girl:
STD Infected
Hasn't showered in weeks
Tommy: When Hannah and I got hot and heavy, I went down on her and she had some mad clitty litter, she smelled like rotten tuna!

Raquel: Thats what you get for banging them hoes!
#clitoris #vagina #genitalia #pussy #vag
by mfior14 September 10, 2011
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