In certain 'young' homes in Clarenville, Newfoundland a Clitty is referred to a tangle in a girls hair that she is having problems with.
'Oh Jasas mudder my hair is full of clits!'


'Oh my god my clits are driving me crazy!'


"Oh my, my hair is some clitty today!"
by El Presidanto April 11, 2007
derived from that short-skirted roomate, it means that one's skirt is so tiny that you can see her clit
My room was a fucking sauna so Davina wore her clitty skirt today... it's no wonder that lusty sex abounds here.
by Ryan April 21, 2005
a common adjective when describing something slutty disgusting annoying and gross. it is not common in a civilized conversation and is very insulting to smart people
lydia is a clitty whore
by s-dawg pace August 26, 2008
Just as Olympia was home to the Gods, the clitty is the home of all evil. Don't go there and disappoint, unless your tongue needs a workout.
My tongue teased her clitty, mm nice.
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
Clitty, someone who is described as being both clever and witty
That girl downstairs cracks me up, She is so clitty
by TheBoyUpstairs March 13, 2006

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