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A girl's clitoris.
Touch my clitty, it feels nice.

She likes guys sucking on her clitty.

Her clitty is so big it sticks out of her pussy lips when she's horny
by Aquablue November 12, 2013
1. Female pleasuring herself by rubbing her vulva

2. Informal word for a penis (New Zealand English)
1. She was diddling herself on the sofa

2. I touched his diddle
by Aquablue November 12, 2013
Fiji Hindi word for penis, esp. uncircumcised.
Huma chunni choose ga?

Gor failae ke nai baitho, tuma chunni dekhawe.

Sala roj apan chunni se khele.

Chunni ke dood nikal ge.
by Aquablue November 12, 2013

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