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1.) A penis that is so small that it could be considered a clit

2.) When a woman has an oversize clitoris. So big in fact, that it looks like a dick. A possible, yet unconfirmed reason could be hormone imbalance.

Clitterdicks are known to be prevalent among the softball community.
Dude, I finally got Stacey drunk last night but when I went to eat her out her clitterdick kept going up my nostrils.
by htown87 November 02, 2009
173 57
A clitterdick is when you have your pants so tight that your clitter looks like a dick.
"You know what, it's Lady Gaga's fault! For wearing pants so tight. Her clitter looks like a dick." Shane Dawson explains. "Gasp! ClitterDick should be a trendy topic on Twitter." Amazed. "Just put it after everything."
by xxDenverxx January 16, 2010
126 28
A. A dick so small it looks like a clitoris, or
B. A clitoris so large, it looks like a dick.
Lady GaGa appears to have what is known as a clitterdick.
by haleykrunkk January 16, 2010
60 26
When a woman's pants are too tight, her camel toe looks like a dick. This term trended on twitter's trending topic on January 16, 2010 by Shanedawson, a famous YouTuber.
Look at Lady GaGa's Clitter dick!
by ATwitterTwat January 16, 2010
27 8
Sometimes, usually when drinking, your dick becomes encapsulated with clittoral material. Then, upon having such a "clit-dick", if you will, you then proceed to have anal sex with wild gay people and end up with glitter upon your member. Thus, "Clitterdick".
I got totally WASTED on Tequila and Advil, went to fourteen gay bars, a lesbian bar, and a ranch, and eneded up with "Clitterdick"!! And I'm never going back to "original" dick!!
by RC (bitch) July 31, 2006
13 131