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1.) A penis that is so small that it could be considered a clit

2.) When a woman has an oversize clitoris. So big in fact, that it looks like a dick. A possible, yet unconfirmed reason could be hormone imbalance.

Clitterdicks are known to be prevalent among the softball community.
Dude, I finally got Stacey drunk last night but when I went to eat her out her clitterdick kept going up my nostrils.
by htown87 November 02, 2009
1.) When a female has debris trapped inside of her clitoral hood. The debris may consist of tampon fuzz, underwear fuzz, toilet paper or crusty vaginal juice. Clittylitter often goes unnoticed by the perpetrator until a poor unsuspecting male goes to lick her clit and gets clittylitter on his tongue. This may result in gagging, or in extreme cases, vomiting.
I was eating Becky's pussy last night and I got clittylitter on my tongue. My cock went limp immediately. She ran to the bathroom crying after I told her to wash her dirty twat.
by htown87 November 02, 2009

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