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The fashionable, attractive set of women that frequent bars and clubs to be admired and ogled at. Usually very hard to talk to.
"Dude you should go hit on her, she's banging."
"No way dude, she's a member of the clitterati -- I'll wait till I'm rich or famous."
by SkyFood June 14, 2009
self-styled female experts on women's affairs
Clitterati are women who consider themselves as literary intellectuals with a high awareness of their sexuality. Usually they are female novelists, ageing movie stars, wives of powerful statesmen, chat show hosts, chat show panellists.e.g. Germaine Greer, Hilary Clinton.
by Terence Ferry September 22, 2005
Spiteful or overbearing people who conspicuously or ostentatiously attend bitch-fests.
Private parties on Park Avenue and Central Park West, where the literati mingled with clitterati.
by Gnewey Tulim Seluj March 04, 2007
Lesbians who talk on women's issues but with a heavy-slant towards the GLBT community and slag off any woman who is sexually liberated, attractive and gets her tits out for blokes. Feminist tyrants with warty unfeminine faces, small black framed spectacles and unfashionable bob haircuts, spouting misandryst drivel from their hard cruel looking mouths. Hypocrites and weasels, the lot of them.
Who's that butch lesbian over there? Why it's none other than Helen, a member of the local Clitterati.
by Priscilla Pantyliner June 28, 2006
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