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Any question that is posed only to the women in the general vicinity. Kinda like rhetorical question.
Guy 1:Anybody wanna go upstairs ;)?
Guy 2:Heck yes dude
Guy 1:Dude that's messed up, that was a clitorical question!
by vcsuperfan October 28, 2007
(adj) Describing a question the has an obvious answer, one that normally relates to sex.
Girl - Do you want me to set up a camera while I'm taking my bath?

Guy - Is that a clitorical question?
by Character Choice November 12, 2009
Having an appearance resembling that of female genitalia. The feminine equivalent of "phallic."
"Man, that taco you're eating sure looks clitorical."
by tubatoothpaste March 24, 2014
Said of women who receive more pleasure by stimulation of the clitoris (as opposed to vaginal stimulation for example).
I was giving her head, but that girl wasn't as clitorical as I thought, I had to put my fingers inside her pussy to make her come...
by daiphoenix March 04, 2012
A question about the clit that is unknown and therefore has no answer.
Earlier today I asked Julie a clitorical question.
by FittaBoy June 08, 2010
Used in Physics class when someone asks you what a term is and you don't know.
"Dude, these rectilinear propogation assignments are hard."

"Not as hard as the Clitorical Orgase Theory."

"I must've missed that in the reading."
by Degrayless November 03, 2004
(1) The teasing of another person using the vagina

(2) Friendzoning a person
(1) Porn is clitorical because you will never get that

Susie: Hey Tom you wanna have sex
Tom: YEA!!
Susie: I was being clitorical
by SageOfLynes October 22, 2014
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