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A group of powerful lesbians in the media, usually associated with either New York or Los Angeles.
I tried to go out to Catty Shack, but one of the cliterati walked in and the whole place was packed with her entourage.
by Shades1979 April 01, 2007
A derogatory term for women's reading groups or for feminist authors.
Is that by Camille Paglia? Oh, you haven't joined the cliterati have you?
by londonmark September 16, 2003
n. A woman who claims to be sexually liberated but only does so to conform to social norms. Such women are sad examples of conflict between the two opposing roles the patriarchy imposes upon them.
Many members of the cliterati claim to masturbate, but only say this to attract men.
by Lyzzie April 28, 2008
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