3 definitions by londonmark

staff in a restaurant or cafe who do all the washing up. they're generally not allowed to wait on tables and have a perpetually miserable expression on their faces, as well as very, very red faces.
Can you call the waiter over? No, not him, he's just a dish pig.
by londonmark September 05, 2003
Descriptive of those participating in political causes or campaigns who see marches or demonstrations as an alternative fashion show with themself as the main model.
I see one of those globalisation campaigners is wearing Jimmy Choo shoes. How very Prada Meinhof.
by londonmark September 16, 2003
A derogatory term for women's reading groups or for feminist authors.
Is that by Camille Paglia? Oh, you haven't joined the cliterati have you?
by londonmark September 16, 2003

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