Top Definition
A monster or giant clitorus
guy 1- did u watch that porn i sent u ?
guy 2- yeh, but did you see the clitasaurus on the Asian chick?
by JordanSummer December 24, 2008
A huge clitoris/clit.
Guy 1: "did you see the size of that famous lady's clit? It looked like a penis."

Guy 2: "yeah, that thing was a clitasaurus."
by shizzleshizzle April 29, 2008
A lesbian dinosaur
Billions of years ago, there roamed a Clitasaurus.
by BoatsNHoes445 October 13, 2011
is fukkin gay litrally !!!!!!!!!!
how many girls do u know that look at FHM magazine?????
shes a lez!!!!!!!!!!
by burger March 30, 2004
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