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(Verb) Old hippie technique of emptying the tobacco out of a cigarette, and refilling it with marijuana.
"Dude, I don't have any more rolling papers!"
"It's cool, I will just punch a cigarette."
by dgbrown May 06, 2009
A dinosaur that hides in bushes, and is really hard to find.
"For years and years I searched for it. Now I have finally found the Clitasaurus Rex."
by dgbrown May 06, 2009
1. Cider and tomato juice
2. Brake Fluid
3. Piss
"The ragman gave me two cures and jumped right in, the one was texas medicine and the other was railroad gin" From 'Stuck in mobile with the memphis blues again' by Bob Dylan
by dgbrown April 07, 2008
1. A Dylan song often associated with Marijuana use for many reasons i.e. 'everybody must get stoned', and 12X35=420; it could also be associated with alienation, or just literally getting stoned.
while listening to rainy day women #12 & 35, we realized that Everybody must get stoned!!!!!!!!!
by dgbrown April 07, 2008
(noun) A bent cigarette; perhaps what Dr. Seuss would label it.
"aww... i set on my pack of smokes..."
"it's alright man, now you have a zooguarillo"
by dgbrown July 31, 2009

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