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The annoying paperclip (office assistant) that appears in Microsoft Office.
"Turn that fucking paperclip off!!!"
by Biohertz January 30, 2003
The annoying paperclip that Microsoft added to it's program to make your life just that much harder.
Clippy-'I see you're trying to study! Would you like me to fuck with you insead?'
1.Screw with me until I hit the screen
2.Fuck off
by nicolee-- July 24, 2009
Making an insincere effort to be cheerfully helpful, with the unintended effect of inspiring resentment and, occasionally, violence from those nearby.
"Tell your clippy girlfriend I don't need her advice about my potato salad."
by jss11 October 19, 2007
a closet hippie; one who has matured into a normal member of society however still indulges in drugs, sex, and rock&roll and/or EDM.
I had no idea that girl can get down like that! What a Clippy!
by Bri Leigh June 22, 2012
An unusually large clitoris, often said to resemble a male penis. However, a clippy is not a true penis and therefore should not to be confused with hermaphroditism.
Demosthenes: I say, dear friend, hast thou yet consummated thine marriage?
Locke: O, God of Isaac and Abraham! for what reasons hast thou forsaken me?
Demosthenes: Dear friend, what strikes thee ill?
Locke: On the night of mine marriage to Lady Josephine I did discover
My most farcical of fears to be dreadfully true.
For upon removing her evening gown I had witnessed
A most terrible beast:
Residing in her Southernmost forest there dwelt
A Goliathan clitoris
The size of which would put any man's member to shame!
Demosthenes: By Zeus's thunder! What horror! What sin!
Locke: Alas, good Demosthenes, I shall be submitting an inquiry for annulment. Had I knowledge of that wretch's clippy, never would we have been betrothed.
by clippysup November 17, 2010
A cigarette saved from previously to smoke the rest later on. bogey boge bogie cigarette newport smoking
"I don't got money for a lucy but i got this clippy from earlier"
by kendoggy December 12, 2008
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