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An unusually large clitoris, often said to resemble a male penis. However, a clippy is not a true penis and therefore should not to be confused with hermaphroditism.
Demosthenes: I say, dear friend, hast thou yet consummated thine marriage?
Locke: O, God of Isaac and Abraham! for what reasons hast thou forsaken me?
Demosthenes: Dear friend, what strikes thee ill?
Locke: On the night of mine marriage to Lady Josephine I did discover
My most farcical of fears to be dreadfully true.
For upon removing her evening gown I had witnessed
A most terrible beast:
Residing in her Southernmost forest there dwelt
A Goliathan clitoris
The size of which would put any man's member to shame!
Demosthenes: By Zeus's thunder! What horror! What sin!
Locke: Alas, good Demosthenes, I shall be submitting an inquiry for annulment. Had I knowledge of that wretch's clippy, never would we have been betrothed.
by clippysup November 17, 2010

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