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An overly-sensitive nipple. The word derrives from a woman who becomes aroused with the playing of her nipples, as if she has a clitoris on her nipple. Clitoris + Nipple = Clipple.
I was sucking on her tits when she started to moan, she must have had a clipple on her boob.
by Doug Funnie December 10, 2006
A clitoris so large that it looks like a nipple.
"Hey Luke, is your tongue big enough to pleasure her enormous clipple?"
by PopeyeTheSailor March 30, 2009
A game, the object of which is to affix a bulldog clip to the nipple of your opponent. Can be played by both men and women, and mixed competitions are not unheard of.
Katharine's inverted nipples disqualify her from playing clipple.
by SoManyTooMuchInformations February 15, 2012
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