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Term for someone who has had a vasectomy.
Dude, I can ride her bareback now, 'cause I got clipped.
by Motorhead January 15, 2008
Asshole, anus, you get the point.
I ate a bunch of chili and now I need to fire off the corn cannon.
by Motorhead November 30, 2006
Nice way of saying "fucking the dog". Wasting time while on the clock.
I don't get much work done on Fridays, because I spend most of the day screwing the pooch.
by Motorhead October 15, 2011
A mid-priced high performance coupe, which competes with the BMW M3 and the Mercedes c63 amg. Though it's second in the run right behind the M3, it's first in being prototypal; you don't see these every day, and if you do, the lucky one driving it, is original in vogue
I respect him for buying the Audi RS5, he took a different route and didn't hop on the bandwagon
by MotorHead January 03, 2014
slang term for table milk
You kids want some cow pus on your cereal?
by Motorhead November 30, 2006
Weber Smokey Mountain
Dude, I'm cookin' tri-tips on the WSM tonight
by Motorhead August 10, 2008

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