A broken link on a webpage
404 Error: Webpage not found.
The Webpage you have requested has an error in its link therefore it is a clink.
#broken link #web page #404 error #link not found #clink #broken
by MaryMud April 04, 2008
a clickable link or hyperlink
use the clink to get to the download
by brett October 05, 2004
The act of unprovoked and/or unexpected verbal outbursts directed at any and all around you.
Origin traced to MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games), likely a player name.
"Dont clink out on me!"
"That guy is really clinking out"
by Simis August 10, 2005
Money, pound , dollar - also directly relates to clinkting meaning expensive or a lot of money.
'this weed was 50 clinks'
'nigga, dat is bare clinkting'
by Jack Da Rippa May 13, 2005
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