An utterly obnoxious noise that money makes when you hit two or more coins,chains, metal, other objects together.
by Nathan123456789 October 01, 2009
Portmanteau. The action of clicking on a link (domain, url).
"Dude, did you see the link that Marshall sent you?"
"Now I do, dude! I will totally clink that."
by Brandifly117 February 04, 2014
A broken link on a web page.
I clicked on the link but it took me nowhere, damn Clink!
by BadApp January 02, 2010
The sound made when the metaphorical dagger in one's back falls onto the hard cold ground, after a harsh comment is made.
"You're a prick, mate"

"Ooh, clink"
by Willowchamp October 06, 2003
any unknown gooey substance that you would rather not be there
ewww, there's clink on the desk
by I know! February 10, 2004
clink is the home of cider more than 80 litres are drank there a day, in this small place. clink also known as clinkham wood, is a ledgend of a place were you can visit the dam and get jumped by scouser or stand outside the shops and get harrased by the filth (pigs) clink is hated by most people who dont live there, the word clink is also known as a prison this is very relevent as if u live in clink if u get out of there u will prob get u head smashed in for livin there this makes it hard to escape the people who lives there are utter legends if u know them but if u dont they are completly different
(clink) arghhhhhh !!!!
by isabcpiwdepovcdw May 21, 2009
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