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(noun) A tropical cocktail made famous by "Trader Vic" Bergeron in 1944, after mixing rum, lime, orange curacao, orgeat and syrup, with a spring of mint and fresh fruit garnish. His Tahitian friends named it with their native reply after tasting it, "mai tai" meaning literally "very good". Note that legend has it the drink is based on a recipe by "Don the Beachcomber" Gantt, who also invented the Navy Grog, the Tahitian Rum Punch, the Dr. Funk, and the Zombie.
"I don't care how you make it or what you substitute, I demand a Mai Tai!"
by biggs33 May 11, 2009
37 12
Words of an unknown foreign language meaning Dumb Fuck.
Chris: I just blew up my computer!!
Anna: Mai Tai for life!!
by notsteelersfn17 July 07, 2006
6 56