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What the weather's like all the time.
If it's cold today, that's weather. If it's always cold, that's climate.
by lanteigne October 06, 2005
The prevailing weather conditions of an area.
Holy crap dude the climate is hot here!
by kizzyy April 21, 2011
A combination of the words climate and primate to signify the primitive (primate like) views of the world climate situation. Instead of thinking for themselves, doing research or even investigating both sides of the story, these Cli-mates follow the new religion of environmentalism blindly based on falsified data from Climategate. Sadly, you cannot debate with Cli-mates about the issue despite various climate experts testifying that there is no “global warming”.
Jimmy - "Did you see that news story about how the scientists falsified data about global warming?" Timmy - "Yes, they are now calling it Climategate. It is a big conspiracy it seems. They are trying to create the biggest tax increase ever based on something that doesn't exist." Jimmy - "It is funny though how no U.S. media source is covering this. I only found it from a UK article online so all of the primitive minded people in US will still blindly follow the religion of environmentalism." Timmy - "Yep, those cli-mates will never change their views not matter what evidence is presented to them."
by archyis December 23, 2009
Something that is or was extremely cool
Ohh dude, that trick was so climate

I hear that new movie is pretty climate
by Joonas4321 October 09, 2008
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