the act of concealing ones erection by taking the penis, flipping it upward so it is held up in the waist line of the pants.
dude, i had the biggest boner, but no one saw it cause it put it in the cliffhanger.
by derrick February 19, 2004
a turd that sticks to your ass
It took 7 wipes to rid me of that cliffhanger
by RDZombie February 07, 2008
When you are trying to deliver the Cleveland Steamer and you have an amazing turtle head that will not squeeze out on to her milky breasts
No I will not hit you with the Oklahoma Hot Pocket, just wait til I push this Cliff Hanger off on your chest and the Dirty Pirate won't be necessary either.
by The RoadyOshow June 09, 2009
A game played by pinning your little brother down and experimenting with how far one can dangle a loogie over his face by sucking it back in just before it falls.
Don't tell mom or we're going to play a little cliffhanger when we get home.
by JMac$ May 25, 2008
When a snot is hanging on the rim or edge of your nose you can feel it but it dont seem to be hanging out but it is!
Dude wipe that cliff hanger off your nose !
by troubledemon March 08, 2010
a loose vagina.
dude, kia has a cliff hanger!
by stankyvageagea June 09, 2009
When a loose booger in your nose blows around when you breathe. And you can't blow it out.
When you see a booger hanging in your friends nose and it flaps when they talk or take a breath. And you don't know if you should tell them or not. And you say "hey man you have a cliff hanger".
by Randi Foster November 28, 2007

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