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A price is right pricing game.
Cliff Hangers is pricing game on the price is right!
by rapsux February 19, 2005
25 20
A "cliffhanger" is when a slightly chubby or overly obese female attempts to sport a bellybutton ring, not realizing that it dangles from her "fupa" (fat upper pussy area) as if hanging from a cliff. This is usually seen in girls that were once considered attractive upon receiving their piercing but over the years have attained massive amounts of cellulite resulting in a large fupa and transforming the bellybutton piercing from being attractive to hauntingly disturbing.
Ex 1: If Rosie O'Donnell had a bellybutton piercing it would undoubtedly be a cliffhanger

Ex 2: Tyler: Hey man, did you see that girl's bellybutton piercing?
Patrick: Ya man i saw that. Damn thing was a cliffhanger for sure.
Tyler: I know, the thought of it is literally haunting my memory.

Ex 3: Girl #1: Hey girl! Did you see my bellybutton?
Girl # 2: No! Did you get it pierced?
Girl #1: Yeah! Take a look!
Girl # 2: O-M-G! That's a cliffhanger if I ever saw one!
by honeyfresh639 December 23, 2010
25 23
its when a womans riding a man and right after he cums she hops onto his face leaving a string of jizz from his dick to his lips
I told him not to cum inside me, so for punishment I gave him a cliff hanger
by little titties big ass December 04, 2010
18 16
Basically, you fuck a girl over a balcony or window. Theyre hanging out over the balcony or windowsill, holding onto you for dear life. Right as you cum, you let go and say "Hasta la vista, baby," and then they fall like wile coyote in looney tunes. N then u jizz on their body, making it rain. And then u go inside and watch jerry springer.
Dude- "Lets do the cliffhanger"
Girl-"Whats that?"
Dude-"Trust me, its fun"
Girl-"Ok yea sure..."
by sandman901 May 13, 2009
63 61
The act of placing your ball sac over the web cam of another while said person has their web cam on
Girl: "What the fuck is that!?"
Guy: "Ah fuck jimmy just gave me a cliffhanger now my web cam smells like balls"
by drnazty November 19, 2013
1 0
a game that is close until the end, a barnburner
Every election in this town is a real cliff-hanger - a close race.
by VAKI5 May 09, 2005
4 3
when a stripper or runway model's shoes are too small and their toes dangle precariously over the edge
damn dog, those cliff hangers almost took my eye out.
by bill the butcher December 17, 2003
10 9